Photo by Lena Larsson


Growing up one of my biggest fears was speaking; many times, I felt as if I was cursed. Malevolence and death in life made me understand time and that my clock was ticking. The fear of accomplishing nothing in life became stronger. I found art, and it became the bridge between me, a speechless boy and the outside world, telling dark stories about society with the hope of making a change.


Forever Online
Perfect Lie
Big Brother

artist statment

My mission is creating impactful, raw and conceptual art that sparks meaningful conversations, connects people, and starts discussion about inner change. I do it for modern people who are, or wants to become braver and better as humans.

Photo by Lena Larsson


​​​Sociality is an ambitious photography project to ​highlight different kinds of problems in society and behaviors with people. The focus is on ancient behaviors that manifest in a modern high technologic world.

limited edition prints.

All artworks are available and sold as limited edition prints in three different sizes, signed and numbered by the artist holding the highest museum quality standard.


From death to light.

Varro's conceptual artworks visualizes real life experiences combined with imagination and fiction. Read more about the artist, his reseraction and his unbelievable life story.

award winning artist.

​Andreas Varro is both nationally and internationally awarded and published for his dark social satire artworks.

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